So, That’s It Then.

The last two years have been the hardest of my life to date: I visited the ER three times, acquiring a total of 10 stitches and three scars, I lived in the strip club district of Atlanta without a car, I worked retail, I struggled with a constantly changing schedule that made routine the thing […]

A (confidence) shot in the arm

It’s amazing how little it takes to make me feel like I’m not totally destroying everything I touch. It’s even more amazing how much I can handle while I wait for the uptick that is inevitably, hopefully, coming. For the past 3 quarters, that’s about 9 months in people terms, I have been treading water. […]

DIY: Portfolio School

Let me first say, this isn’t an “anti portfolio school” post. Personally, running away to the Circus was the right move for me, for a lot of reasons. For one, I like school and deadlines. I knew I would get everything done faster if I just went to school and made it my number one […]

Bleach is for serial killers

At the circus, there’s a certain pressure to create work that would never fly in the real world. The phrase, “the client would never buy that,” has become something of a badge of honor amongst us freaks, a badge of honor which I haven’t had the pleasure of fastening to my plaid shirt, until now. It […]

Run Toward the Fire

Yesterday, around 1:30pm, in the theatre of the Creative Circus, something brilliant happened. Something that simultaneously reinforced everything I want to believe about the industry I so dearly love, and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about advertising and creativity in general. Yesterday, in a room of students hanging on his every word and […]

True Life: I Was a Copywriting Intern

Happy belated New Year, party people! In the spirit of reflecting, recapping and re-anything honestly, because it’s January and all I can think of is change, I’d like to share the teeny, tiny bits of wisdom I acquired working at a real, live creative agency. But first, there are a few things you need to […]

That’s a Wrap

2016 has indeed been a strange year. We’ve all changed in ways we never thought we would. I’ve always been an opinionated feminist, but I went dark there for a while. So dark in fact that I stopped writing. Just sealed it up like it was some kind of limited resource; a BREAK PEN CAP IN […]

don’t sponsor me. promote me.

Perusing the 3% Conference Blog, as I am wont to do, I read this: Find one shining, talented woman. Put her on a pedestal. Be there to help her knock down the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise. Perhaps more accurately, help her dismantle the ones that have always been there. Be her sponsor. It was […]