don’t sponsor me. promote me.

Perusing the 3% Conference Blog, as I am wont to do, I read this: Find one shining, talented woman. Put her on a pedestal. Be there to help her knock down the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise. Perhaps more accurately, help her dismantle the ones that have always been there. Be her sponsor. It was […]

/RIFT/ verb. To Remain Exactly the Same

When Stephen Rodriguez, a former Apple Genius and all around go-getter with a knack for all things tech established RIFT, he wanted to create “a better mouse-trap.” A full-service digital marketing agency that would utilize technology to not only build amazing work for it’s clients, anticipating their needs and exceeding expectations, but also pull in and retain outstanding […]

When a compliment isn’t

Each time one woman starts a compliment to another woman with the phrase, “I wish I were more like you,” a tiny feminist fairy dies, tangled among the weeds of self-deprecation in the ever-growing forest of patriarchy. OH, YEAH. This is that kind of blog post. For real though. Ladies, hear me out. I’m sure at one point or another […]

Kill the Snake

The worst thing you can do to a subpar idea is keep it alive. Imagine your family has a cat. It’s 15 years old, blind, incontinent, and you find more hair on the couch than on its body every day. Sad, right? Sure, you’ve had 14.5 amazing years with the ole sack-o-flees but at this point, […]

Happiness is boring.

Growing up the eldest daughter of a novelist stuck in a Creative Director’s body, I learned about cynicism at a very young age. To my father’s credit, I also spent many nights watching Hitchcock and Wes Anderson films (a surprisingly delightful combination) and as many of my friends know, read Little Women twice before I even […]

Creative Paralysis: Releasing the Beast

Not to be confused with Creative Constipation, Creative Paralysis is the condition in which a creative person has so much to say, they simply freeze up. Closed for business. Too many little ideas are ideating around in the noggin and it gets clogged. They start over compensating, trying to get it all out at once, and […]