That’s a Wrap

2016 has indeed been a strange year. We’ve all changed in ways we never thought we would. I’ve always been an opinionated feminist, but I went dark there for a while. So dark in fact that I stopped writing. Just sealed it up like it was some kind of limited resource; a BREAK PEN CAP IN […]

don’t sponsor me. promote me.

Perusing the 3% Conference Blog, as I am wont to do, I read this: Find one shining, talented woman. Put her on a pedestal. Be there to help her knock down the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise. Perhaps more accurately, help her dismantle the ones that have always been there. Be her sponsor. It was […]

/RIFT/ verb. To Remain Exactly the Same

When Stephen Rodriguez, a former Apple Genius and all around go-getter with a knack for all things tech established RIFT, he wanted to create “a better mouse-trap.” A full-service digital marketing agency that would utilize technology to not only build amazing work for it’s clients, anticipating their needs and exceeding expectations, but also pull in and retain outstanding […]

When a compliment isn’t

Each time one woman starts a compliment to another woman with the phrase, “I wish I were more like you,” a tiny feminist fairy dies, tangled among the weeds of self-deprecation in the ever-growing forest of patriarchy. OH, YEAH. This is that kind of blog post. For real though. Ladies, hear me out. I’m sure at one point or another […]

Kill the Snake

The worst thing you can do to a subpar idea is keep it alive. Imagine your family has a cat. It’s 15 years old, blind, incontinent, and you find more hair on the couch than on its body every day. Sad, right? Sure, you’ve had 14.5 amazing years with the ole sack-o-flees but at this point, […]